The first European settlers (mostly from Germany) came to the area in 1884,and took advantage of its rich agricultural soil and ample pastureland. The town’s name was originally spelled Strassburg – Strass meaning ‘street’ or ‘road’, and Burg meaning ‘town’. The spelling was changed to the French “Strasbourg” in 1919, to remove the obvious German origins of its residents (Kitchener, Ontario did the same thing, changing its name from Berlin to Kitchener in 1916). By 1905, the rail line reached Strasbourg, and the town to grow rapidly over the next two years, and was incorporated in 1907.

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Strasbourg Attractions

Strasbourg and District Museum

Mountain St and Railway Ave

This museum houses nature displays as well and pioneer and Indian artifacts. Open Friday – Tuesday from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission.

Strasbourg, Saskatchewan Area Map