Travel Planning Tips & Links

Travel Planning Tips

Thousands of travel planning tips specific to an Intinerary segment, a city, or a province are included on THOSE pages.

Our community pages have not only the history and development of the town or city, but also typically include great information of the top attractions, recreation, festivals, shopping, airports, road construction, and seasonal advisories.

Road Trip Adventure Pre-Trip Planning

Make your cross-Canada road trip more memorable, whether its a once-on-a-lifetime trip, a part of a move to a new job, ar retracing the route of a long-ago family trip.

  • Use our Itineraries to plan and map your road trip with multiple stops and estimate your driving time. Be sure to add 25% to the drive-time estimate to allow for breaks, sightseeing, and photo ops.
  • Plan your trip timing, and the things you want to see and do
  • Consider the places to stay and make the appropriate hotel or campground bookings prior to departing.
  • Use our road trip packing lists and learn about what you need know before you go
  • Use the links throughout this website to learn more about each of the provinces, territories, communities, attractions, businesses, or topics mentioned.
  • Bookmark thhe home page so you can find it again easily and refer to the route while on the road.
  • Follow our Facebook page, to get weather, road conditions, detours andhighway closures

Here is a summary of Trans-Canada Highway’s Travel Tips:

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General Tips by Topic

Beautiful Lake at Sunset-sliver

Beautiful Lake at Sunset-sliver

Travel Information Sources

Here are some excellent planning resources on for your road trip across Canada:

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We have lots of recommendations and features in our editorial, on the individual community pages.

Special Topics

Cycling In A Pack-sliver

Cycling In A Pack-sliver

Cycling Across Canada

Here are cycling-specific route suggestions and checklists to help you plan a really fun bicycle road trip across Canada:

Tent Camping in forest-sliver

Tent Camping in forest-sliver

Camping in Canada

Here are useful tips and checklists to help you plan a really fun camping trip across Canada:

Sault Ste Marie Pointe Louise floatplane-sliver

Sault Ste Marie Pointe Louise floatplane-sliver

Things to See & Do Along the Way

Here are lots of things you can and will see and do on your road trip across Canada:

Mountain Goats On Highway-sliver

Mountain Goats On Highway-sliver

Nature & Scenery Along the Way

Here is some great background information for things you will see on your road trip across Canada: