View of early morning mountains Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park

National & Provincial Parks along the Trans Canada Highway

Canada is blessed with spectacular scenery across its width and breadth. Along the Trans-Canada you will see the following national and provincial parks. The ones in bold are right on the highway, the rest are close by.


National & Provincial Parks (W to E)


National Parks

Parks Canada
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British Columbia parks

BC Parks

Alberta parks

Enjoying Alberta Parks
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Saskatchewan parks

    • Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park
    • Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park
      • Moose Mountain Provincial Park

Sask Parks
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Manitoba parks

  • Spruce Woods Provioncial Park
  • Birds Hill Provincial Park
  • Whiteshell Provincial Park

Ontario parks

  • Blue Lake PP
  • Aaron PP
  • Sandbar Lake PP
  • Turtle River PP
  • Inwood PP
  • Kakabeka Falls PP
  • Sleeping Giant PP
  • Ouimet Canyon PP
  • Rainbow Falls PP
  • Steel River PP
  • White Lake PP
  • Obatanga PP
  • Lake Superior PP
  • Pancake Bay PP
  • Batchwana Bay PP
  • Chutes PP
  • Fairbank PP
  • Mattawa River PP
  • Samuel de Champlain PP
  • Ottawa River PP
  • South Nation PP
  • Voyageur PP

Ontario Parks

Quebec parks

SEPAQ (English)
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New Brunswick parks

  • Mactaquac PP
  • Fundy National Park*
  • Murray Beach PP

NB Welcome


PEI parks

PEI Parks Visitors Guide
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Nova Scotia parks

    • Londonderry PP
    • McElmond’s Pond PP


Nova Scotia Parks
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Newfoundland & Labrador parks

Newfoundland & Labrador Parks
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Directory of Parks and Campgrounds

Use our directory of Parks and of Campgrounds. If already on your road trip click the Near Me button