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Canada has over 744 different craft breweries, brew pubs, wineries and even craft distilleries (subject to local liquor board approval) in our 30 directories coast to coast. We have been VERY surprised by the number we have found!

We used to say the difference between Canada and Germany is that Canada has 3 breweries and hundreds of broadcasters, while Germany as hundreds of breweries and only 3 broadcasters. That difference is quickly disappearing. Canada has a range of climates and growing conditions and grows some of the finest ingredients for quality beer and wine. Canadian Icewines regularly win “best in the world” awards, and our other wines are not far behind. Some wineries do not even use grapes, using other locally-grown fruit, and some use honey to make mead.

There is a lot of interest in what is called “Beverage Tourism”. This is perfect for those taking a kid-free vacation or weekend.

These establishments typically use locally-sourced inputs from their own or very nearby suppliers (some even using certified organic sources). Local barley, grains, grapes, etcetera can have a unique flavour due to the “terroir”, imparted from the special soils, ground water, and rains to the crops that grow here.

Almost every region of Canada has wineries, though British Columbia (mostly in the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island) and Ontario (concentrated in the Niagara Region and in Prince Edward County, east of Oshawa), though you will find craft breweries (for sale there and elsewhere) and brew pubs (consumed on the premises) everywhere. Craft distilleries are relatively new, and there are clusters on Vancouver Island and in Nova Scotia.

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