BC Ferreis at Horseshoe Bay

We now have itineraries for all stretches of the Trans-Canada on our web site. We also provide some incredibly scenic tours and detours.

Old School paper brochures

We get a lot of requests for brochures, even though we are “just” a web site. Here are the laces you can visit to get brochures sent to yo by “snail mail” so you can take them with you when on your trip, or for cutting up for that school project.

Please contact each provincial tourist organization for the brochures they can send to you. Their websites may even have further links to municipal tourist authorities.

If you are lucky, you will also get a highway map (some provinces just prefer to sell them to you at the border, rather than give them away)

Here is everything at a glance you need for planning a drive across the country. Contact the Provincial tourism offices, below, for free roadmaps (NOTE: Alberta is the one province that insists on selling their own maps)

Provincial / Territorial Travel offices