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CBSA Alaska Transit Hang Tag

Update on Alaska-Canada Transiting during COVID

CBSA Alaska transit hang tag
CBSA Alaska transit hang tag

Had a call today from someone wishing to transit Canada from the Lower 48 to Alaska.

We posted previously about this (, but checked to see if there were any changes:

1) Only necessary travel, and only ONE WAY,  not vacation travel (only northbound, if you have Alaska plates and drivers licence; and southbound only with Lower 48 plates)
2) When entering Canada at a land border crossing, you will be provided with two COVID-19 Specimen Collection Kits: one to use on the day you arrive in Canada and another to use on day 8 of your 14-day quarantine.

Still the same: need the car hang-tag, no sightseeing detours (visitors to Banff or Whistler have been heavily fined and summarily tossed out), must self isolate the whole way, and no dilly-dallying. See the full rules 

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